How to cure rosacea: creams, drugs and supplements

It shows an intense, almost burning redness . And the feeling that the skin is really burning. In addition to "burn" with shame. Yes, because those who suffer from rosacea are embarrassed by their problem.
If badly cared or neglected, this pathological reddening gets worse and becomes more and more severe. To remember is that it does not heal spontaneously or even with the do-it-yourself. So it becomes important to resort to dermatological treatments, as soon as we have the first signs of rosacea.

The word to the expert: the professor Giuseppe Micali, dermatologist doctor, professor of Dermatology and Director of the School of Specialization in Dermatology and Venereology at the University of Catania.

What is rosacea

It is a common chronic inflammatory disease of the skin that affects the central areas of the face (cheeks, nose and forehead) in which there are redness that can become permanent from transient.

"Those that initially appear as fleeting flashes (lasting 10 minutes) can turn into more severe redness , with various stages" – explains Professor Micali – "in particular, we go from the couperose, whose The most correct medical term is rosacea erythemato-teleangectasica , caused by the breaking of small and superficial skin capillaries to papulo-pustular rosacea , which occurs with the appearance of papules and pustules ». These are the main forms of rosacea: the others, less frequent, involve only the nose or the ocular zone.

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